My name is Julie Cole, your custom cake artist and my handsome sidekick is my trusted hubby Jon. I'm the brains - and he's the brawn. Ok, he's got brains too!

A little about me

Born and raised in Ottawa and with strong ties to Renfrew, Ontario, I'm a true valley girl at heart! I have an intense love of nature and trees and my favorite places are anywhere near my beloved Ottawa River. I'm the mother of two intensely gorgeous children who WOW me every day and the wife of an extremely wonderful man who loves me regardless if my hands are stained black or I have icing sugar in my hair. I am a true girly-girl, but not as high maintenace as I'd like to be...sounds funny, but I would love to carry my dog in my purse, wear 4 inch heels and sport some huge sunglasses....I just don't have the time! So, I'll settle for a leash, yoga pants and flip flops. I think I'll keep the big sunglasses to hide the dark circles from the late 'cake' nights though :)

The kitchen is the heart in every home, and my heart belongs in the kitchen

I've always been artistic since the day I was able to pick up a crayon. From sketching to sculpting and everything in between. If it involves being creative, then it's right up my alley! The Baking part came naturally. My family has always regarded food as 'celebretory'. Functions were always planned around what was on the table - and what was on the table was some good stuff!!! I'm very grateful for the skills that have been handed down to me and that I'm able to combine two of my favorite things: Art & Sugar!

I left my career as a Dental Assistant when my children were born. It wasn't fulfilling enough to pull me away from my babies, so I became a domestic Goddess and began tapping into some long lost talents that seemed to be forgotten. Children really do have a way of bringing out not only the insanity in you, but the best in you as well. My cake journey really stemmed from a passion of wanting my children to have the BEST birthdays EVER! It seemed overnight that my hobby turned into my life as word of mouth took hold. Sugar & Spice Custom Cakes was born.

It takes two to make a thing go right!

Now everyone knows that you can't do it all on your own forever! Que handsome hubby's entrance......If you've ordered a cake from us before, you've more than likely met Jon! He's been dubbed 'The Best Delivery Guy in Ottawa' and 'Waaaay Nicer Than the UPS Guy'! Hey, he's pretty proud of these titles. And so he should be - and so am I! I know how to pick em! Jon is also my 'structural engineer' and 'cake stand genious'. He's very handy with his tools and has come up with some great ideas! And don't tell him I told you...but his buttercream Kicks A**!! He'd never let me live that down...love you dear :)

And there you have it!

No facade, no magic tricks. Heck, I haven't even taken a decorating course!! This is just a little taste of who we are and what we're about. We love what we do and seeing the smiles of those we touch through the art of cake.
We look forward to being a part of your familiies most treasured events!